Pneu Weight Treadmill- Partial Body Weight Unloading System


Pneu Weight Treadmill-Partial Body Weight Unloading System

Pneu Weight TM is an unweighing system enabling partial weight-bearing therapy with open access to the patient. Offloading a percentage of body weight allows the patient the opportunity to exercise in a safe environment. The dynamic single-point suspension assists with proper pelvic rotation and vertical displacement while encouraging proper gait mechanics at the same time walking or running on a treadmill.

Why Pneu Weight TM Unloading?

Patients who suffer from low back pain or lower extremity pain commonly aggravated by activities that increase axial loading during sitting, standing, and walking. Researchers suggest unloading the affected structures provides an effective intervention to decrease pain and increase function.

What are the benefits of Pneu Weight TM Unloading?

Unloading with partial body weight support involves the use of a traction harness and the application of a vertical traction force while the patient ambulates on a treadmill. The traction force is designed to reduce the gravitational compression forces on the affected structure allowing the patient to ambulate pain free. This device helps encourage the transportation of oxygenated red blood cells to the affected structure providing a benefit to assist with tissue repair.

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