Sports Rehabilitation


Sport Rehabilitation

Sports injury rehabilitation and performance training at C. Foster focuses on pain management and restoration of athletic performance. Our trained physical therapist will examine an athlete’s injury and design a comprehensive treatment program to correct muscular weakness, improve speed, agility, balance, and coordination. This multimodal approach will benefit any athlete at any level to operate at their peak level of performance.

Movement Assessment and Correction

The therapist at C. Foster Physical Therapy have developed a comprehensive movement screen design to recognize incorrect movement patterns that lead to tissue breakdown and injury. Early recognition of incorrect movement and proper selection of sport-specific corrective exercises can insure optimal recovery time and return to sport.

Elevating Performance

We are dedicated to helping you elevate your performance. Our sports performance training programs are sports-specific and customized to fit your needs and help you reach your performance goals. Call us today and schedule your functional assessment and let C. Foster Physical Therapist take you to the next level.