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  • The staff of CFoster Physical Therapy East Pearland is amazing! When I first started with them, I could not raise my right hand higher than my nose. But after my time with them, I have almost 100% of my range of motion back. They explained, encouraged, challenged, and pushed me to do what needed to be done to have a moveable and useful shoulder and arm.

    I had fallen and landed on my arm and shoulder; the pain was intense, and the ability to extend my arm upward or outward was very limited. I had torn the rotator cuff. The orthopedic doctor gave me the choice of surgery or a cortisone shot and physical therapy. I had horror stories about recovery from the rotator cuff surgery and chose the cortisone an PT because I could not imagine six-months to a year of living alone alone without the use of my dominant hand. I have not regretted my decision.

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